My latest design for the new Royal Canadian Mint 2018 $3 Silver Coin called the "Celebration of Love". This ornate "love lock" is ready to be unlocked by the special person who holds the key. Behind it, three sparkling, Swarovski® crystals s adorn the key handle, while selective colour adds a rich red hue to a near-universal floral symbol of love. Selective colour and multiple finishes bring elegance and depth to a near-universal floral symbol of love, the rose, with two ruby-red blooms positioned on either side of the lock and key. As always, I am grateful for the amazing and talented team of engravers at the Mint who brought my vision to life. 
Mintage: 15,000 silver coins. Visit the Royal Canadian Mint website to order yours today or sign up for the Royal Canadian Mint newsletter to receive updates about new coin designs.
Process Work
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